who we are and what we like to do


Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high-level overviews.


Iterative approaches to corporate
strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall.


Create customizable illustrations
with attractive designs that are made
visually through high creativity.

our story

Jay Hargrave the Architect operates a full service design firm specializing in customized solutions for residential and commercial clients

Jay has been designing and constructing buildings since 1991. Growing up he worked in the family business rigging and racing sailboats. The simple form of the sailboat hull, born out of the discipline of fluid dynamics, decks designed for crew efficiency, and rigging components out of stainless steel provided Jay the seed that would grow into acumen for architecture. Rational form, designing for human efficacy, and detail and craft are intrinsic to realizing great design.

Jay graduated from the University of Texas in 1990 with high honors after completing a thesis documenting his experiences in southern Mexico where he spent time with families learning how they lived. Jay would return to UT as an adjunct professor teaching third year design studio and as a student of the School of Business. Jay’s timeless designs are simple and elegant, executed with superior craftsmanship and sensible detailing.

our value

Jay Hargrave the Constructor believes that the value of great design can only be realized when it is properly executed with craftsmanship

Between graduation and going to into business in 2001 Jay worked as a field engineer and project manager on several notable projects including the Michael and Susan Dell house designed by Gwathmy Segal and the Bill and Betty Nowland house also known as the Mayan house designed by Paul Lamb. During that same period Jay designed and built several residential projects. Jay has been building what he designs as well as the designs of other architects since 1995. He is a craftsman with expertise throughout the building trades but more importantly he understands the importance and principals of construction management and the same holds true for the other team members of the firm. The mission is Design, Craftsmanship, Organization, and Oversight. While integration, communication and efficiency maybe the obvious advantages of Jay’s design/construct process, the symbiosis between the two disciplines within the firm is what most differentiates them from other firms. The knowledge that Jay and his team glean from constructing buildings and build components circle back to his architecture through knowledge of constructability, material science and cost. Jay designs what can be constructed for his clients’ budget and program.

our office looks and works the same as any other architectural design agency, we just prefer delighting our clients.